How BijuNet came to life

Hello from Andra!

Let me tell you a bit about BIJUNET history, to get an idea about the brand, how it came alive and the mission. 

BijuNet started back in 2009, in Romania (ex , now  Biju stands for jewellery (short for french word `bijoux`) and Net for network. It was designed to be a jewellery network place where you could find an inspiration for jewellery gifts. 

It was the end of 2008, December, when I was looking for some presents for my sisters (I have 3 of them!). I have found some beautiful coloured zirconia gold-plated flattering jewellery and I fell in love with the designs! I knew these pieces would look amazing on my stunning 3 younger sisters and have decided to buy about 30 different pieces, that could have been mixed and matched to make jewellery sets.

Unfortunately, they have arrived long after Christmas time, so my sisters received some other presents.

When I finally received the jewellery, I had my best friend (Monica) visiting me and I showed her the jewellery. I wanted to gift her some pieces for her and her sister and then she said she would pay for them and told me that I should be selling these as they were gorgeous. I did not want to take the money, but she insisted and wished me good luck.

I am not a seller type of person, seeing me in a market place was not my idea of fun. But the idea of sharing the beautiful jewellery and spreading the joy of gifting was something that I adored!

Combining the love for online and the elegant jewellery, I decided to create a website (with the help of my husband, who knows some coding) and present and sell the jewellery online. It was quite the beginning of the online market in Romania, but it has been a thrilling experience since then! That is how came to life and it is still going as - run by one of my sisters in Romania.

Throughout the years I have been working with the manufacturer and clients demands to provide the best solutions for gold-plated jewellery, for a longer life of the jewellery, non-allergic and timeless designs.

In 2015, I moved to the United Kingdom and decided to give a go to BijuNet here as well, so I created . It was on for 6 months, but being a new mom I found it difficult to grow it as a business all by myself and decided to focus on my motherhood (having the 2nd child on the way as well).

However, I could just not give up on BIJUNET and decided to restart it in 2019 and here we are in 2022, with a nice community around!

I am happy and thrilled to bring smiles and joys through BijuNet jewellery, which designs reflect the beauty around us!



Founder of BIJUNET


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